Hello, I'm Leigh!


I'm a wedding planner with 13+ years of experience, a triple Virgo A-type perfectionist, a lover of the world and its wines, an extreme introvert, a deep thinker, a leader, and a friend. I swear too much, I probably have a few too few boundaries, and I LOVE real human connection.

I'm smart enough to be arrogant and humbled enough to know better. And, more than anything, I want to be of service.


I care about weddings not because I love throwing parties, but because, in today's world, weddings represent hope, love, and community in a way we all desperately need.

So I'm a wedding geek, who has obsessed over the flow, the ease, and the mood that goes into making your wedding day absolutely EPIC.



Meet Haleigh

Haleigh Schultz is the Planner & Coordinator for Chanteclaire Farm. She walks couples through every step of planning and executing their wedding, and coordinates the full team of vendors on wedding day. She’s the one couples turn to for advice, encouragement, and support. 

Meet Danielle

Danielle Cline manages Farmhouse Fete, an event and floral design company. She has worked with hundreds of couples on color scheme development, tablescaping, and floral design. She educates couples on how to build the perfect visuals for their event while staying on budget.

Meet Heidi

Heidi Gardner is an officiant who has extensively studied world religion and ritual. She has deep knowledge of why people celebrate, and the role of ritual in that celebration. She writes custom vows and ceremonies for her couples, and brings intelligence, authenticity, and humor to her events.

Meet Jacqie Q

Jacqie Q is a professional photographer and photography teacher. She finds the perfect words to describe why one style of photography is more to a persons liking than another, so that couples understand the vast world of photography and make the best selection for themselves.

Meet Sue

Sue manages the catering and cake design division at Chanteclaire Farm. She understands every nuance of cake design and delivering the perfect meal on time. She decides service staff training and duties. Sue’s obsession is precision and practicality. She is the voice of reason and who we go to with crazy new ideas.

The Epic Wedding Philosophy


We reject the idea that weddings are long, boring, awkward indulgences.

We have seen the power of bringing your loved ones together in celebration and hope.

There is magic in a wedding done well. It lifts its participants, and creates a space in their hearts for bonding and joy.

Our society is inundated with negative ideas about weddings.

Couples are shown impossibly perfect styled shoots, given etiquette advice that lacks real human understanding, and thrown endless checklists that claim to have the answer but only add to the overwhelm.

That's why we are passionate about sharing real wedding planning knowledge with couples.

We have created an approach to planning that shows couples the potential their wedding has to impact everyones lives in a deep way, and just how to get there.

We approach design with both high standards and a refreshing practicality.

You'll know how to achieve magazine-worthy results without overspending or overcomplicating.

We walk you through the planning process with ease, and you never feel lost or alone.

Most of all, we keeps you focused on building energy throughout your day that culminates in what we call The Epic Wedding.

At The Epic Wedding we are building a global community of couples who believe weddings should be fun to plan, deeply meaningful, and one of the best nights of everyone's lives. 


Our Core Values