Not many couples look forward to creating their guest list when planning a wedding. You risk the potential of hurt feelings and causing tension in relationships. Guests will want to bring their children, your parents will want to bring their friends, and others will want to add a +1.

Before you know it, your list has doubled in size and you haven't had a chance to check in with your vision and budget. 

Leave the awkward “Was I not invited?” encounters behind and step into a new approach to making a guest list. 

We start with YOUR feelings and develop the logic around them. Learn to create the boundaries you need to maintain good relationships and achieve your vision. 


The Plug & Play Guest List Builder

Everything you need to choose your most valuable guests for only $19.

Many of the tips we've found trying to solve these problems have rigid rules like "Don't invite anyone you haven't had dinner with in the last 6 months" or "If you haven't seen them recently, they don't belong on your guest list." But this mindset is way too limiting and isn't focused on the right things. 

Using our tool, you'll not only know who is most important to be at your wedding, but you'll know how to respond to all the people you decide not to invite. You'll be able to navigate guest list conversations with grace and love. 

We've even included a video to guide you through how to use the spreadsheet and our guest list coding system. 

We recommend you use this tool with your partner before talking to anyone else. This allows you to actively minimize the stress that most couples go through in this stage of planning.

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