Building a budget may not be rocket science, but sometimes it will feel impossible to get right.

Your wedding budget conversation shouldn’t start with “How much money can we scrape together to make this happen?” A real budget is deciding what the wedding you truly want looks like and mapping out how much it will actually cost. (Then, you can strategize about where to get the money you need.) 

But finding solid information about what everything costs takes time. A simple Google search is going to leave you with more questions than answers. You practically have to plan your whole wedding ahead of time to understand your options, your dream, and where you’re willing to make compromises to fit the amount of money you have.

To make things easy, we've done the research for you! 

We took months of research off your plate with the single most useful resource you'll find in all of wedding planning. We've named it:


Our Every-Kind-Of-Wedding Budget Tool

The only resource you'll ever need to create your perfect wedding budget, yours for $59.

Budgeting for a wedding is one of the most critical pieces of information you’ll need before you even start any of the fun stuff (design, florals, color choices, dresses, etc.). Without a solid budget, you really can’t truly start planning for your wedding.

Whether you want to get married on a micro-budget or you want everything a celebrity would do, we walk you through what you get for your money at each level so you can make the decision.

This tool is a single place to get all of the information you can’t get in a web search.  We break down what you’re getting for your money and if you really need a specific item to create a fabulous wedding day. 

Budgeting is a b*tch, but we’re here to get you through it. 

Download your Every-Kind-Of-Wedding Budget Tool using the link below and see how our couples experience wedding planning made easy.

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