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Is Hiring a Wedding Planner Worth It?

the how Dec 06, 2023

Some couples (perhaps 10%) will already know they need a wedding planner. Others will know immediately that they don't need one. But most couples aren’t sure what wedding planners do, what options are available, and how hiring one will affect their budget, stress levels, and planning experience.

First, let’s differentiate between wedding PLANNING and wedding COORDINATING. Most couples will need a wedding coordinator, which is someone to greet vendors, make sure all decor is in...

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Newly Engaged? How To Start Planning The Ultimate Wedding

the how Nov 29, 2023

One of our readers, already feeling overwhelmed, recently asked us: “Where do I even start to plan my wedding?”

Most couples will start with Google or Pinterest, thinking all the answers will be delivered packaged with a little bow. Sadly, this isn’t the case in an industry with far too many options and not enough transparent information.

Instead of feeling joyful and elated that they’re getting married, couples are met with a confusing set of tips and tricks focused...

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Why Wedding Budgets Are So Hard (And How To Make It Easier)

the how the why Nov 22, 2023

Budgeting is Hard Because of Lack of Usable Info

You've probably heard us say that the wedding industry doesn't provide couples with good budgeting information. Averages and percentages mean almost nothing for overly broad categories like “Decor” and “Attire”. Some weddings cost $100,000 in decor alone, while others cost $1000. To average the two together is just a bad use of math.

So when the national wedding publications declare that the average couple spent $30,000...

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Is It Ok To Want A Small and Simple Wedding?

q&a Sep 01, 2023

One of our brides recently emailed us asking: is it ok to want a small and simple wedding?

There are many valid reasons to want a small wedding. For introverts, the more intimate the wedding, the more meaningful it will be. For others, their personal style is very simple, and they want their wedding to reflect that.

As couples age, they tend to want more intimate weddings. So weddings for couples in their 20s tend to be larger than weddings for couples in their 30s, whose weddings tend to be...

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Planning 101: Intro to Planning Your Own Wedding

the how Jun 06, 2023

All of wedding planning can be condensed down to 5 elements; the combination of these elements creates The Epic Wedding Formula:

  1. Your Budget
  2. Your Time
  3. Your Options
  4. Your Vision
  5. Your Heart & Mind

These elements are tied together. Each one affects the others, and all are required to create your event.

Once you understand what they are and how to use them, you can increase or decrease the importance of one or more by changing how you use the others.

Your Budget

A wedding budget is...

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What makes a wedding Epic?

the why May 21, 2023

Epic is a feeling that you AND your guests get toward the end of the event that imprints on your minds a sense of hope, love, joy, connectedness, and awe. It grew out of this incredibly special experience you all had together. It bonds you to one another forever in a way we don’t experience nearly enough in life, and because of its rarity, it keeps people talking about the experience for decades to come.

It has nothing to do with how solemn the vows are or how flashy the centerpieces...

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Exciting News For Anyone Planning Their Own Wedding

the how Oct 13, 2022

We are ecstatic to officially launch a project that has been in development since 2020…



We have created EPIC WEDDING Foundations, which guides couples through all the foundational wedding planning decisions like a highly skilled planner, at a fraction of the cost.  



Wedding Foundations is module 1 and 2 of our core product: THE EPIC WEDDING Masterclass….an 8 Module online class with over 270 videos, which covers all of...

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Bullet Journaling for Your Wedding

the how Nov 17, 2021

I am a triple Virgo (for those of you who know what that means), which comes with a deep and natural love of office supplies and organizational systems. 

from a Virgo on Twitter

But when I left the corporate world and bought my own business, nothing seemed to keep my head above water. I was always a workaholic with plenty of ambition to succeed at work as well as life, so I thought any challenge was solvable with elbow grease and grit. 

Becoming an entrepreneur smashed...

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Bride Type Quiz

Uncategorized Jan 06, 2021
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REAL TALK: Sometimes we get disappointed in wedding planners

Uncategorized Jul 26, 2020

The wedding industry is still largely made up of solopreneurs. It's a creative, independent group of wildly enthusiastic people. They are happier than the stereotypical corporate worker, because they are forging their own way in an industry they genuinely love.

So it's a joy to work with these individuals.

But sometimes, because the barriers to entry are low in this business, you run into people that lack the experience and skill to deliver top notch work. And unfortunately, this is more...

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